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Kovacs - My Love

✪ https://bit.ly/2MI6DG7
✪ https://bit.ly/2AoIQbF

, .!!!

Audio : Kovacs
Visual : The One D\u0026G The One with Scarlett Johansson Street of Dreams
Eau De Parfume advert Dolce\u0026Gabanna
Kovacs - Shades Of Black

Kovacs - My Love
Babe don't try to call
My heart is ticking and the show, just won't wait

It's strange, you couldn't see it my way, hey now go
I pray for you to fall
The spark, has died and now you're just too late

A shame, you're knocking at the wrong gate , hey go home
Come what may, I won't give away

My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets
My love, aces high and cigarettes
My love, faking all like Hollywood
My love, love, love

No way you'll see me crawl
Like a shark I'll be ripping you apart, and celebrate
With lots of champagne, you caught me on the wrong day, now you know

Come what may, I won't give away

My love, see me dancing in the rain
My love, no more whiskey and cocaine
My love, ending all forbidden fruit
My love, love, love

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
No you can't amuse me, so leave you must
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If the spell won't kill you, your ego does

My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets
My love, no more tears and no regrets
My love, time to lay the man to rest
My love, love, love

 © This video is for entertainment. All visual and audio elements belong to their respective owners. For copyright issues, please contact me at ✪ radioutopiacreations@gmail.com
Nanelimon :
Smirinka Nva : Scarlett is very beautiful ,why we coudn t watch her in this kind off romantik movies with perfect dress and make up?
Nesil Ateş : xxxxx
Christine Riegler Riegler : Furchtbar was YouTube mit der Musik angestellt hat! Ein Wirr Warr,man findet nicht mehr die Lieblingssongs!! YouTube eben,mies !!! Alternativen müssen her!!!
Юлия Зотова :

Kovacs - Livestream 'The Hide out' Palmela

First Try Out of my Hide out livestream of 28 november 2020
Andreas Pielmeier : Das war wirklich entspannend ... eine schöne gemeinsame Zeit, Danke! Ich schätze auch die eigenen Texte ... die Gittaristin ist sowieso der Hammer, mehr braucht es nicht :-)
Damien 123 : Your song is don’t say do not make no more
Dark Invaders Production : Such amazing women ,humble and sexy ;) you shinening in the dark love you so much, your voice inspired me and I feel desire& fire inside me .....
S B : Hugs from Ireland, it was nice to see you again:-) Your talent is killing
Nina Petrova : warm. miss the concert ive never been

Kovacs - Hide out livestream - 28 November 17:15 WET

This Saturday I am inviting you all to my hide out livestream in our art space in Palmela
tune in at 17:15 WET (18:15 CET) on my Facebook or YouTube profile ❤️
Ricardo Amaro : Buenos Dias que tengas un fantastico dia, saludos
R 20SS :
О! Куприн! : Чихуахуа!!!! )))) Самая классная собака в мире))))
Koenraad Koerts : Lekker daar veel plezier.
Ирина Панькова : Красотка




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